Mechanical Pressure Cooker

Mechanical Pressure Cooker

The stew dishes, ragout and Vietnamese beef stew are loved by many people, but it takes a lot of time to cook. That’s the reason why many housewives hesitate to cook these dishes at home for their families. Thanks to Supor’s TIME-SAVING & ULTIMATE SAFETY features, you are free to do other tasks while preparing delicious stew with Supor pressure cooker.

One Supor pressure cooker in the kitchen is more than enough to help the housewife cook a variety of dishes easily, bringing delicious meals to the family.

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Mechanical Pressure Cooker

Soft-anodized Pressure Cooker Supor YG22


  • Color
  • Origin: Vietnam
  • Model: YG22
  • How to use: Use for frying food. Need to use soft material to clean.
Recommended price1,109,000 VND
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Recommended price 603,000 VND
Recommended price 1,189,000 VND